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Thursday, April 12, 2012

{ Easter and Turning 2! )

Jim and I got up early to watch the sunrise...or should I say I convinced Jim he should get up early with me to watch the sunrise and reflect on and celebrate the risen Son of God!

After worshiping at Eastview it was back home for the Collins' Annual Easter photo taken by our lovely Abby who has become the official family photographer!  Jeeze was a little on the jealous side as his dad held sweet Grace. So glad that boy thought to grab her at the last moment!

My handsome son Jimmy and the official family photographer...sweet Abby!

My other handsome son Michael and his lovely girlfriend Kienna

Jimmy and Abby's dog, Bubba, turned two at the end of March and they ordered a birthday cake to celebrate. Yes, someone actually offers this service and no I have never done it ;)

Here is the birthday boy all dressed up in is major league stud jersey (no I have never purchased clothing for my dogs either) waiting the arrival of a very special guest.

Look at him giving her kisses...he tried to give her something else
but lets keep this family friendly ;)