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Saturday, May 12, 2012

{ Obsessed / Possessed...Which is it? }

Here she is at almost 3 months. It started early.
 The constant retrieving. It was so cute in the beginning.
 Everyone marveled at how well she obeyed the sit command
 as she anticipated the next throw.  
Then spring arrived and we moved to the green grass
 with her favorite neon yellow tennis ball.  

To flat out run in a wide open space with ears flopping
 brought her such pride and joy...
as well as her mom

You know the kind of pride I'm talking about.
The kind when your neighbor steps outside and you start bragging,
"She does so well with distractions."

"Especially, birds. I've trained her to ignore those robins!"
(Currently in back yard one street over)

She responded with such disbelief, "And at such an early age!"

"Oh yes" I replied, "She is really something!
I never have to scold her for running off."

"Yep, she won't even look at them."

"She's such a good girl.
 I'm so proud of her at 6 months!"

We love you Gracy girl!