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Thank you so much for stopping by. I love what I do and the looks on my client's faces when they realize these are the moments they want to remember. You know, the pictures that give you goosebumps, chills and take your breath away. Pictures taken by the heart for the heart.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Keegan {cousin to Bo, see previous post} is my niece Sarah's 9 month old beautiful baby boy. I had not seen him since Christmas Day when he was approximately 3 months old. So, when she opened the door to get him out I shuddered, then said...Oh my gosh does he look like Terry! {my brother}. It was a good shudder, don't get me wrong.

Then off we went to the perfect location {there's your shout out Jim} for an evening of summer memories to be captured forever. From four wardrobe changes to a break for applesauce and a bottle {and you can bet I caught that as well, the real everyday moments} mission accomplished! Once again, it is hard for me to pick my favorites but here is my attempt.  ~ Enjoy ~